Aleutian paddle


aka Alaskan paddle

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Aleutian paddle

Aleutian paddle is another kind of traditional paddle, coming originally from Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Unlike greenland paddles, aleutian paddle has asymmetrical blades. One side of the blade (sometimes referred as sculling side) is almost flat and suits perfectly for sculling and rolling. The other side of the blade (power face) has a raised ridge running along the centerline of the blade. It helps to prevent the blade from chattering and allows to make more powerful strokes. Those two sides together give you a paddle, which is both quiet and powerful.


Considering the length, aleutian paddles should be approximately 10cm (or 4 inches) longer than greeland paddles. Compared to euro-bladed paddles, the difference in length can be even until 15cm.


Our standard Aleutian paddle has 7 stripe lamination of western red ceder. This makes the paddle more stiffer and especially it is needed for longer paddle. If you have certain will to get solid paddle you definitely would contact us.


Style: Aleutian, Alaska

Material: western red cedar (Thuja plicata)

Shaft: rounded triangular, pine reinforcement

Finish: oil

Lengths: standard lengths are 220, 225, 230, 235 and 240 cm. Other lengths only on request.

Weight: 700-1000g


NOTICE: Every piece of wood is different. They come with different density, weight and colour. Weight of the standard paddle made of western red cedar is normally between 600 and 950 grams but most commonly between 650 and 850 grams. Also the colour of oiled paddles varies from very light red to very dark brown. So in matter of colour, photos of the paddle are more or less illustrative.

Additional information

Paddle length

220cm, 86 5/8in, 225cm, 88 5/8in, 230cm, 90 4/8in, 235cm, 92 4/8in, 240cm, 94 4/8in

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