How choose the length of your paddle?

Paddle sizing

Greenland paddle is a personal piece of equipment. Its optimal measures for you depend on:

  • your measures and
  • measures (width) of your boat. Take a minute to find out, which measures of the paddle would fit you the best.


Overall length:

There are two common ways to find out the optimal overall length of the paddle:

Basic method:

Stand straight on flat ground and raise one arm overhead. Measure from the ground to where your fingers would wrap over the top of the blade. This is the most basic way of measuring.

Arm span + cubit:

Stretch your hands to your sides and measure your armspan (from fingertip to fingertip). Then add the distance from your elbow to your fingertips (cubit).


Though those two methods are slightly different, they often refer to quite similar paddle length. For any case you should also consider the width of your boat. If it is clearly wider than average sea kayak (50-60cm), then you should consider a paddle at least on size longer.


Blade width

There is one basic rule – choose the blade width that you can comfortably hold in your hand between the thumb and forefinger. It is no problem if the blades are a bit narrower than this measure but they shouldn't be wider.


Loom length

Loom length is also a measurement, which should fit both with you AND your kayak. A good way to find a starting point is to stand, shake out your arms (relax), and allow your arms to hang at your sides. Lift your forearms so that they are parallel to each other and horizontal to the ground. Your arms should NOT be held against your sides -- let them "float" ( e.g. you should have enough room that a cloth rag stuffed under each armpit should fall to the ground rather than be held fast by arm pressure). Now make a "circle" with the thumb and forefinger of each hand. These circles indicate where the paddle-shoulders should be (where the roots of the blades begin).


Loom diameter

Our greenland paddles are designed so, that if you choose a paddle with right length and blade width, then loom dimensions should fit you well.