Privacy policy

Principles of the Client’s personal data processing

6.1. The East Pole processes the following Client’s personal information: name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and postal address (hereinafter the Personal Data).
6.2. The controller of the Client’s Personal Data is the East Pole OÜ, address Pärnu County, Pärnu City, Haraka Street 46, 80023, Commercial Registry Number 10838721.
6.3. The East Pole processes the Client’s Personal Data for the purpose of executing purchase orders made by the Client and if necessary contacting the Client.
6.4. In addition, the East Pole processes the Client’s Personal Data for providing commercial notices and materials regarding the activity of the East Pole and the Products when requested so by the Client.

6.5. The East Pole collects and records the Client’s Personal Data in electronic format and makes extracts also in other format if necessary. The East Pole is entitled to maintain the Client’s Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes of processing Personal Data described in the Terms of Use.
6.6. The East Pole is entitled to transfer the Client’s Personal Data to third parties involved in the execution of a purchase order (e.g. courier, postal service provider).
6.7. The Client has the right to know what Personal Data is contained in the East Pole’s database about him/her by submitting a corresponding inquiry to the e-mail address provided in the Online Shop. The Client has the right to change and correct his/her Personal Data at any time.
6.8. The Client is entitled, at any time, to withdraw his/her consent for processing of Personal Data, to request termination of the processing of Personal Data and deletion of the collected Personal Data. To do this, the Client submits a corresponding application to the e-mail address provided in the Online Shop.


Copyrights and cookies

7.1. All information contained in the Online Shop, including the Online Shop design and software, is protected by copyright in accordance with the Copyright Act. All copyrights to the materials in the Online Shop are owned by the East Pole or transferred to the East Pole to the extent permitted for the use in the Online Shop.
7.2. The information contained in the Online Shop may only be used for non-commercial purposes, and the reproduction, distribution, or any other transfer of information contained therein to third parties without a prior written permission of the East Pole is prohibited.

7.3. Cookies are used in the Online Shop to provide better user experience. Cookies allow the East Pole web servers to recognize the Clients and customize the Online Shop’s content to fit the needs of the Client when the Client visits the Online Shop. Using cookies will make it easier to recognize the Client’s needs. They provide user statistics that can measure and improve the performance of the Online Shop.
7.4. The Client will be deemed to accept the cookies if cookies are enabled in the Client’s browser settings. If the Client does not accept cookies, then some of the features of the Online Shop may be limited.
7.5. The Client can always independently decide whether or not to allow cookies in his/her web browser. If the Client does not want cookies, he/she can configure his browser to automatically refuse cookies or notify the Client every time the Online Shop requests permission to add cookies.